Medieval City of Rhodes
Rarely does one have the chance to stroll into twenty-four centuries of history and countless previous centuries of human presence, all within medieval walls, which surround 58.37 hectares of land. Even more rarely is one able to spend time in such a fabulous place, where, today, 2.500 inhabitants still share an amazing palette of multicultural influences. Such a place is the Medieval Town of Rodos, a functional part of the modern city of Rodos, which was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1988.
Cultures and time periods alternate with fascinating diversity as you enter the Old Town of Rodos through the Gate of Freedom. Medieval fortress-like buildings, narrow alleys, minarets, old houses with their balconies, decorative, drinking or ablution fountains, tranquil or busy squares with shady trees, all contribute to creating an atmosphere of the past.
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